Technology makes transportation more personalized

A.V.E. optimizes in-vehicle entertainment experiences to meet the expectations of the growing number of passengers, in both the front and rear of cars. AVE’s In-vehicle experience solutions are compatible with OEM infotainment systems and connector apps, such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


Voice assistant for the driving experience

Apollo is the voice assistant for the driving experience. It sits in the car’s cup holder and uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enable conversational texts, directions, and music from a connected smartphone.


Wearables and analytics platform for new parents

The BabyBit sensor which attaches to the baby’s clothes, and a mobile app and a cloud application together comprise a baby monitor solution that keeps the parent up to date at a glance about the most important information, such as location, change of caregiver, body position and temperature.


Automotive science and motion sensor technology

CARFIT uses automotive science and motion sensor technology to monitor a car’s vibrations and provide insights on usage that help reduce cost of ownership, optimize resale value, and build trust with the auto service industry.

HAAS Alert

Technology that increases road and roadside safety

HAAS Alert technology increases road and roadside safety for drivers and workers by delivering real-time information to the driver, thereby enabling them to make proactive decisions.


UIltrasonic audio technology

LISNR’s proprietary ultrasonic audio technology uses software and sound to securely transmit customizable streams of data every second over audio that is just above the human hearing range.


Connected Traffic Management™ platform

Mogol’s Connected Traffic Management™ (CTM) platform enables traffic managers to communicate directly to vehicles, improving congestion and safety in their regions.


The world’s first open source assistant

Mycroft is the world’s first open sourced assistant. Capable of being run on a desktop, in an automobile or via the Mycroft Mark 1, the platform creates a seamless user experience across devices.


Automated performance testing and analytics

Nouvola offers automated performance testing and analytics for websites, mobile applications, and APIs. The platform works by creating millions of geographically-dispersed virtual users in the cloud and tracking these users see, enabling developers to quickly locate and respond to performance bottlenecks.


Management platform for electric vehicle charging

OpConnect is an end to end management platform for Electric Vehicle charging stations and charging station networks. OpConnect’s cloud-based platform allows for complete control of billing, service and maintenance, dynamic charging rates, and smart grid applications through any interface.


Accurate, affordable parking data

ParkIT has created an accurate, affordable parking data collection solution which uses modern computer vision and machine learning techniques to deliver accurate parking operation data to users.


Aftermarket ADAS solution for legacy vehicles

PILOT has built a 3-part solution that offers the ability to apply modern Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features, and even Level 2 autonomous driving functionality, to legacy vehicles currently on the roads.


Consumer and commercial drones

SICdrone develops and manufactures consumer and commercial drones with a design that provides capability for 2-3 times top speed and up to 5 times farther flights compared to existing multicopter drones, along with expanded photography capability through its variety of camera systems.


B2B Global Distribution Platform for In-Destination Experiences

SIMPLENIGHT is a Business to Business (B2B) Global Distribution Platform for In-Destination Experiences such as tours, activities, dining, events, hotels, and more. SIMPLENIGHT enables companies to sell all of the things to do in a city to their customers in addition to their own core offering, while sharing in the revenue.


Solution for auto-service centers

Sleeker is an end-to-end software solution for auto-service centers. It increases service center efficiency and enhances the customer experience by offering an easy scheduling interface, simplifying communication during the repair process, and ensuring transparency.


Digital security solutions for identity and transactions

Tyfone is a leading provider of digital security solutions for identity and transactions. The company uses a unique combination of software and hardware to secure the digital transformation of infrastructure and data.


Smart City infrastructure planning

URBAN.SYSTEMS is is working to develop systems that manage the challenges of city infrastructures. They do this by partnering with providers of services and products that interoperate through open software and public interfaces.


Connects businesses to transportation networks

Validated is a platform that feeds local commerce by connecting brick-and-mortar businesses to transportation networks. The Validated app lets shops, restaurants and other businesses buy their customers a ride or pay for their parking as a way to show appreciation, boost spending, and build loyalty.


Helps mobile professionals

Workfrom helps mobile professionals find an optimal spot to work on the fly. It’s a web and mobile platform that helps people find reliable places to park their laptops and get work done based on the things they need like good WiFi, access to power outlets and low noise levels.