Launched in January of 2016, the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator program is designed to support startups currently positioned to help advance and define the future of automotive technology.

We’ve committed to working with around 120 startups over the next decade, hosting up to six companies at a time. By partnering with these companies, Jaguar Land Rover is able to use its extensive reach and resources to benefit growing companies and expand the size of the automotive supply ecosystem, while increasing the organization’s access to innovative products and technologies that could enhance our customer experience.

The goal of the program is to integrate participating startups’ technology and products into our vehicle ecosystem. To help achieve this goal we provide the companies with a range of benefits including investment, engagement with key decision makers, support from Jaguar Land Rover’s design and engineering teams, office space, strategic guidance from our Incubator staff, and access to our engineering fleet.

While we seek a wide range/maturity of automotive technologies, we focus on five core areas, including: Autonomous Car, Connectivity, Computing, Intelligent Interfaces and 3rd Party Services.


Jaguar Land Rover is built around two iconic brands with a wonderfully rich heritage and powerful consumer appeal and loyalty.

Jaguar Land Rover was formed in 2008 when Tata purchased Jaguar Cars and Land Rover from Ford Motor Company. It is a subsidiary of Tata Motors (TML).

Jaguar Land Rover is headquartered in the UK and is the largest premium automotive brand there, as well as the largest automotive employer. The Jaguar Land Rover team as a whole has more than doubled in the past five years, with 35,000 of its nearly 40,000 global employees being UK-based. 

The Jaguar Land Rover Open Software Technology Center (OSTC) in Portland, OR is helping lead the development of future vehicle infotainment and will continue doing so by working directly with Incubator companies.

Jaguar Land Rover employs 9,000 engineers and designers globally, and will increase its Portland-based R&D team from 30 to 80 as part of its OSTC expansion.

Jaguar Land Rover Global sales reach is a worldwide network covering 154 countries.